Ms. Digney strives to capture the personality and character of the individuals she paints as well as create a piece of art that will be admired for it's own merit. She begins by engaging her client and listening to thoughts and ideas for the painting. Topics of discussion may include budget, medium, size, background, and where the portrait will hang. Some of these are not always resolved at this point, but rather during the process as Ms. Digney comes to understand the vision and the subject of the painting.

Ms. Digney works to establish if the portrait is to be done with sittings, a combination of sittings and photographic reference, or purely from photographs. Schedules are discussed and arrangements are made for the sittings and/or photo session. The photo session usually takes several hours and can be a critical step to a successful portrait. Whether done from life or photographs, Ms. Digney looks for certain mannerisms and gestures that are characteristic of the individul. Once Ms. Digney feels comfortable with the information she has collected, the best of the photographs are reviewed with the client to determine the final direction of the painting. A preliminary sketch is then presented for approval before the final artwork is begun.

When the portrait is close to completion, the client is asked to review the painting. This can either be done by visiting the studio, or by sending photographs. Final arrangements are also made for delivery, framing, and/or unveiling.
  • Pricing is for single subject portraits. Portraits containing more than one subject will be quoted separately.
  • One-third non-refundable deposit required when terms are agreed upon. Balance is due upon completion.
  • All travel, framing, shipping expenses and sales tax are not included.
All prices, terms and conditions are subject to change and are to be used as a guide in estimating the cost for your particular portrait commission.

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